In addition to the classic styles of Greco-Roman and freestyle, the sport of wrestling has many related forms of competition such as grappling, sumo, swinging, belt wrestling or oil wrestling. In the interest of the world federation UWW and the public perception now however a completely new style advances: the Beach Wrestling! Simple rules and action-packed battles promise entertaining and exciting entertainment. Beach wrestling has also already made it into the Youth Olympic Games program and is rightfully hoping to be in the Olympic Games program soon.
In addition to the simple regulations, the equipment requirements are also manageable. Besides a sandy area, such as a beach volleyball court, beach wrestling requires only a 7-meter diameter fighting circle. Foeldeak is the first manufacturer of such a high-quality and competitive fighting circle.

For easy handling and transport, the ring consists of several segments that are quickly and easily inserted into each other.

The circle segments are made of bend-resistant and stainless steel. To prevent injuries, the segments are padded with a 10 cm thick foam.

The great advantage: even when touching the ring does not shift and retains its circular shape. This saves the judges a lot of time and effort and speeds up the competitions.

The diameter of the finished circle is 7 m.

Ring softly padded

dimensionally stable

Made in Germany

The Foeldeak® Beach Wrestling Ring is the first professional ring available on the market. It is suitable for both training and competition. The circle consists of 12 high-quality elements made of stainless steel, which are easily and quickly put together. After use, it can be stored in a space-saving manner. To protect the athletes, the circle is padded with foam elements 10 cm in diameter. In the color ice blue, the upholstery complies with the regulations of the UWW.