Corners, pillars, radiators and walls in training facilities pose a high risk of injury. Walls often border directly on the fighting area or there are even columns or pillars in the middle of the exercise area. The risk of a serious injury is enormous. Foeldeak offers innovative impact protection solutions for almost every source of danger. Depending on the shape and nature of the object to be covered, different materials and processes are used. We will be happy to advise you! In addition, impact protection is also an important design element in modern gyms. In addition to various color options, there is also the possibility of individual printing.

Panel size : 200 x 100 cm

Damping thickness: 30 mm

Suitable for straight surfaces

Various colours available


Robust composite foam core

Made in Germany

The Foeldeak Impact Protection Standard is the robust wall impact protection for straight wall surfaces. With its cushioning thickness of 30 mm and the composite foam core (RG 120), it offers optimum protection against injuries in the event of an unintentional wall impact. The surface is made of a robust and easy-to-clean vinyl in many different colour variations. The back of the impact protection panels is equipped with a special felt that is used for wall mounting. To do this, the hook-and-loop strips included in the scope of delivery are first screwed to the wall. The impact protection can then be attached to the wall, but can also be removed just as quickly without leaving any residue. In a less expensive version, we also supply the Standard impact protection without felt backing for permanent full-surface adhesion.

Size : 200 x 100 cm

Damping thickness: 30 mm

For straight surfaces and corners

Freely cuttable

For bonding

Light PE foam (only 1.1 kg / m²)

As its name suggests, this impact protection is flexible and therefore versatile in its uses. It is the inexpensive all-rounder.
The Flex impact protection cushions straight wall surfaces as well as corners and curves. It can be easily cut to size with a cutter and adapted to any contours and shapes. Its closed surface is non-absorbent and washable. The sandwich construction of the impact protection consists of 25 mm soft PE foam and a 5 mm harder, robust and colour-giving top layer. Available in the colours grey and blue.

Max. height: 2.000 mm

Damping thickness: 26 mm

For angular and round columns and pillars

Without gluing

All-round PVC sheath with Velcro fastener over the entire height

Compact composite foam core

Made in Germany

With Foeldeak® column impact protection, you eliminate the significant risk of injury posed by square or round columns and pillars in the movement space.
With this easy-to-install impact protection, you make every sports facility and every movement area safe.
The impact protection is made to measure for you and delivered as a kit for easy self-assembly. Because the impact protection does not require permanent bonding, it can be removed quickly and without leaving any residue at any time.