Size: 12 x 12 m

Lateral Height: 6 cm

Mat cover completely

No rubbing off

Extremely durable and sturdy

The Foeldeak® Wrestling Mat Competition UWW is certified by the United World Wrestling Federation and approved for international competitions.
Wrestling Mats are made of an extremely durable special composite foam, which ensures consistent quality and maximum safety over many years. The mat cover is available with hook-and-loop fastening as well as with flap-down edges. Likewise, we offer the wrestling mat UWW competition in octagon format.

More details:
– Middle circle Ø 1 m
– Central wrestling area Ø 7 m
– Passivity zone Ø 1 m
– Protection area Ø 1,5 m
– incl. United World Wrestling logo

Regular sizes: 3 x 3 m to 12 x 12 m

Wide range of wrestling mat elements

Mat cover completely welded, no seams or glued joints

No rubbing off

Extremely durable and sturdy

Foeldeak® wrestling mats Teamsport are the ideal training mats and can also be used at national competitions. The only thing to consider is the size specifications of the league or the organizing federation.
Our teamsport mats are available in ten different standard sizes. On request we can also produce mats in special sizes, tailor-made for your sports facility.
You can choose from various wrestling mat elements in different qualities and designs. Even an extremely quick to assemble and disassemble roll mat is available. So we can offer you exactly the mat that meets your requirements.


Various professional sports mats

Martial arts mats, judo mats, MMA, soft floor mats, gymnastics mats, etc… welcome to inquire