Suples is committed to developing top-class training equipment and courses, which are not only applicable to wrestling, but also applicable to all fighting sports.
At present, SUPLES’ training courses and products are widely used in training centers and clubs all over the world, which are loved by fighters and bodybuilders. not only in fighting events, but also in other sports such as basketball, football and other ball games, SUPLES’ training equipment and courses can be seen.
SUPLES’s whole-body training courses and products are dedicated to improving athletes’ muscular endurance and coordination, and will continue to develop innovative products and training methods.
SUPLES has become one of the official sponsors of the World Wrestling League.

Inventor: Ivan Ivanov

He was hired by the American Wrestling Association from Bulgaria to work as a coach in the Olympic Training Center to help the American national team train wrestlers.
Coach ivanov realized that even in the Olympic training center, the available training equipment could not meet the athletes’ daily training, so he created the world-famous SUPLES training system and products, which provided athletes with training to improve their strength and physical fitness.

▍The graphic data is taken from the SUPLES website.