Our revolutionary martials arts and MMA mats put us on the map, making Zebra the industry leader for more than 30 years. Zebra was the first flooring company to market premium quality martial arts mats for all training disciplines. Whether you are looking to outfit your facility or your home, you can find a high-quality mat that is specifically designed for your training discipline.

Zebra Mats are versatile, durable and available in multiple mats thicknesses (2”, 1.5”, 1”) and smooth or tatami surfaces. They are made from high-quality open cell foam and have a 15-year product life expectancy alongside the Zebra Mats 10-year warranty.

Zebra Mats are the preferred MMA and martial arts mats of the ATA, IBJJF, the International Judo Foundation, JacksonWink MMA, and countless other leading athletes and academies.


Gym Wall Padding that Provides Superior Protection & Durability / Waterproof & Easy-to-Clean

Bring wall-to-wall protection to your training space! Zebra Wall Pads are the perfect way to keep your students safe while giving your gym a finished, professional look. Easy to install and maintain, Zebra Wall Pads provide effortless protection for your facility. They can also be customized, providing a sophisticated look that matches the brand of your martial arts, MMA, or fitness training facility.

Secure Attachment & Easy Installation|

The high-quality foam in Zebra Wall Pads is securely attached to a durable ½” Oriented Strand Board (OSB) backer board that is easy to mount to most wall surfaces. .

Meet ASTM-E84 Fire Rating Standards|

All Zebra Wall Pads pass the ASTM-E84 Surface Burning Characteristics of Fire Rated Wall and Edge Protective Padding, which are required by most cities, government and healthcare facilities, and military facilities.


These high-quality training gloves are made with premium, genuine cowhide leather and feature an “Easy Fist System” that utilizes pre-curved, multi-layer foam to optimize each punch with minimal effort. A built-in handlebar and sewn-on thumb offer additional security and stability, protecting your hands as you train. Perfect for cardio kickboxing or general fitness, these gloves are specially designed for everything from heavy bag training to light sparring.
Ideal for:
Cardio kickboxing|Fitness boxing|Light sparring|Heavy bag training|Boxing|MMA|Muay Thai|Sparring|Heavy bag training

With a variety of glove weights, sizes, and styles, there’s something here for everyone.


Training Equipment and Protection

Our line of Training Gear and Equipment has everything fighters and athletes need to train with confidence. Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast, a budding martial artist, or are ready for your first fight, the Zebra Training Gear and Equipment line has something for you.
Each tier is designed specifically for the level of training and performance of your discipline. Beginners and casual trainers will find ease and affordability in our Fitness line; mid-level athletes will up their game with the added features on our Performance line, and Pro and amateur fighters will be ready for fight night with our Pro line. Whatever level you train at, Zebra Athletics can help you train with confidence!


Various training bags, Built to be Beaten

Zebra Bags are the classic, go-to bag training option for athletes, martial artists, and anyone looking to get in shape in the gym or at home. These heavyweight punching bags can withstand anything you throw at them. From a variety of punches to elbows, high kicks, and any other striking combination, these heavy bags take the punishment without dishing it back to you. They are comfortable, easy to use, and ideal for any type of training—from boxing to MMA, taekwondo to karate, and cardio kickboxing.

▍The graphic data is taken from the Zebra website.