720 extreme stagnant rotation for two circles, forming a 720 degree total. In extreme sports, 720 means “Extreme brand in extreme sports”.

Armour is derived from Latin, translated into French and today’s English words, and armour Chinese is translated into armor, meaning: the best protection and challenge.

720armour means: “provide the strongest protection, challenge the most unlimited potential”

Founded in 1996 in Sunshine Coast, Australia, 720, with its advanced technology, self-confident color and the most streamlined shape, has rapidly emerged in European sports countries. Its brand marketing has spread over the United States, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and other countries, and has become a world-class sports eyewear brand. In recent years, hwameei optical group group has obtained the brand management right to provide 720 Sports Sunglasses with the most professional and high quality for every consumer with the best R & D design team and production process.

720 sports glasses are 100% UV resistant. All the products are put on the market after the contestants are satisfied, which fully meet the needs of professional and sports people for high-quality sports glasses.

▍The graphic information is taken from the Chinese version of OAKLEY website.