Foeldeak has been supplier of Olympic Games, World Championships and European Championships since 1946. All mats made in own production and made in Germany.

Innovation based on tradition

The height quality and safety levels that distinguish sport mats made by Foeldeak GmbH were developed over decades. Our products are continuously developed and improved by implementing feedback from athletes, associations and sports federations.

Certainly well protected

The safety of athletes and optimum functionality of our sports goods are of paramount importance. A technically well thought-out systems allow athletes fast movements and turns, thus avoiding injuries. We use no metal parts or metal clamps for the fixation of the cover materials of our sport mats.

Quality guaranteed

Our products meet the heightest quality requirements. Minimum fatigue ensures even under maximum load a long mat life without any loss of quality. 

Foeldeak® Wrestling Mats Competition UWW have the standard dimensions 12 x 12 m.

Foeldeak® Wrestling Mat Elements of quality S come with UWW-approval for international competition in free style and greco-roman.

Foeldeak® Wrestling Mat Covers are completely welded, we don´t use paint or glue.

#No staining  #No joints  #No metal parts  #Very long-lived and robust

The graphic materials are taken from the English version of Foeldeak website.