The Johnson Health Tech story began in 1975 in Taichung, Taiwan, where Mr. Peter Lo founded Johnson Metals. He earned his first client, Ivanko, by handwriting letters to hundreds of companies to offer his manufacturing services. Our modest beginning quickly gave way to two decades of aggressive investment and growth. During this time, Johnson emerged as a premier manufacturer for industry-leading fitness equipment companies. Early clients included Ivanko, Ross, Trek and others.

As Johnson Health Tech matured, the company evolved from being an equipment and original design manufacturer into a vertically integrated fitness powerhouse that owns all stages of production, distribution and sales. Better positioned to control cost and quality, we began winning market share across all channels and regions by offering better value to customers.

In 1995, Johnson Health Tech acquired the tooling and patents of Trek Fitness, a line of exercise equipment, from the Wisconsin-based bicycle behemoth. Renamed Vision Fitness, this venture launched the era of Johnson Health Tech brand ownership and development.

Today, we continue to drive the evolution of fitness and wellness with our award-winning products. We are focused on product technology and enhancements that improve the user experience. We are redefining fitness with our original group training products and signature programming designed to preserve and maximize health through all stages of life.

▍The graphic materials are taken from the JOHNSON Chinese website.