Mizuno Co., Ltd. was founded in 1906. People really began to accept sports competitions in Japan.

From the beginning of this century, Mizuno has been making steady efforts to develop sports in Japan and around the world.

In the past 100 years of civilization, sports have made great strides through the politics and economics of war, conflict and change, enter the era when sports play an inestimable role in human beings. Tracing the historical track of Mizuno in the past century, we will witness the important role of sports in culture and its decisive position in the future.

Mizuno’s business philosophy is to “contribute to the society with excellent sporting goods and revitalizing sports”. Based on this concept, Mizuno warmly supports many world-wide sports activities and develops the most advanced technology to improve sports. Mizuno’s product strategy is to develop products with strong “Mizuno unique” characteristics, and manufacture and market specific professional sporting goods under the policies of “competition”, “health” and “environment”.

Mizuno started from the field of “Sports”. In addition to meeting the needs of athletes, Mizuno products have further developed “special sports” products. Due to the rising health awareness of the public, Mizuno is also committed to marketing and promoting products and activities in the field of “health” sports. In the field of “environment”, Mizuno launched an environmental issue crew21 (Conservation of resources and environment wave 21) in 1991, advocating cherishing resources and environmental protection. So far, it has achieved concrete results in “implementing environmental protection” and is continuing to promote it.

The graphic materials are taken from the Chinese version of MIZUNO website.