Let users in different countries around the world feel the design and experience of high-quality protective gear

In addition to the breakthrough in design and materials, the development and application of patents, Mueller has a long-standing love for sports medicine, so it has also left a historical footprint. Up to now, Mueller has a brand history of more than 50 years, from the sports injury protection products used by various professional teams around the world, including sports patches, cold and hot compress products and related accessories, Until the last 20 years, it has developed practical protective equipment across medical and sports, and has become a widely used protective equipment brand in the world.

In 1960, we first established and communicated the concepts of sports medicine and athletic trainer, combined with various medical expertise to develop various types of sports protective equipment, and launched a revolutionary challenge in the field of sports protection. Mueller’s mission is to enable consumers to purchase high-quality sports medicine products and become the first trend in the field of sports medicine.

The graphic information is taken from the Chinese version of MUELLER website.