Oakley is an American sports brand, focusing on all kinds of functional glasses, as well as casual wear, skiing, swimming, cycling and track and field sportswear.

The origin of history

Oakley brand has been adhering to the driving force and passion of continuous innovation since its inception, with the brand continuing to lead.

In 1975, Jim jannard, who called himself “crazy scientist”, used his limited $300 and persistent and unique idea to break the existing rules. In the then dilapidated garage laboratory, he developed a special grip cover for professional off-road motorcycles. At that time, the round rubber tube of the motorcycle handle had no comfort and would slip once it was stained with water. Jim jannard used unique pattern design and new materials to increase the handle feel and perspiration function when racing. This is Oakley’s first product. The product has won two technical patents. Jannard founded Oakley brand with the spirit of transcendental innovation.

The graphic information is taken from the Chinese version of OAKLEY website.