A century of history

Spalding was founded in 1894, and has been more than 100 years old. Its products span basketball, football, volleyball, American football and other fields.

In the winter of 1891, when heavy snow broke down, everyone was forced to stay indoors and unable to go out. Dr. James Naismith invented basketball in order to enable students to exercise without going out.

When basketball was invented, it was very rough and the rules were not perfect. Later, Dr Naismith found the big factory that made baseball. Albert Spalding, the founder of Spalding, didn’t know the production of basketball at first. The ball was very hard to play. In 1929 and 1937, he constantly redesigned and designed basketball, Basketball has become more and more like what we are now familiar with.

▍The graphic materials are taken from the Chinese version of SPALDING website.