About Us

Brand Story

Entering the global stage represents not only the aspiration of every athlete but also the pinnacle of achievement.
As a former athlete who transitioned into a brand founder, my unwavering passion for sports led me to discover an alternative path to realize my dreams, creating the brand "MKSPORTS."
"MKSPORTS" specializes in combat sports and has garnered immense affection and preference from customers at home and abroad since its establishment.
Over time, it has evolved into a renowned international brand, persistently collaborating with athletes to chase their dreams and radiate brilliance in sports.


Business Philosophy


We uphold the core values of integrity, quality, service, and innovation. We firmly believe that through sincere service and excellent quality, customers can experience full joy and have confidence in our products. Our goal is to become the professional supplier in the hearts of each customer, committed to providing attentive, passionate, and trustworthy services.

Main Operating Matters

We specialize in the agency sales of professional sports equipment, sports apparel design, international trade, sports venue design and planning, as well as sports marketing and packaging.


Operating Sports Events

We offer a diverse range of sports products, including Judo, Wrestling, Jiu-Jitsu, Kurash, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Boxing, as well as strength training and protective equipment.


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