By placing an order or becoming a member, you agree to the terms and conditions and the return and refund policy.

【Shipping of Goods】

  1. All items will be shipped via home delivery or convenience store delivery.

  2. In-stock items will be shipped approximately within 7 working days from the completion of the order (subject to circumstances beyond our control such as natural disasters).

  3. Customized items will be processed according to the detailed product description.

【Terms of Service】

  1. We reserve the right to determine whether to ship the goods.

  2. In the event of stock shortages or discontinuation, we will proactively contact you via email. If there is no response within 7 days, the order will be automatically canceled.

  3. Customer information obtained by our company will be provided to relevant logistics partners or necessary suppliers for order acceptance, product delivery services, and after-sales services.

  4. We reserve the right to adjust the content of the terms and conditions at any time.

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