Dummy *Attacker –2

The Suples Dummy *Attacker 2 offers the ability to practice set-ups and tie-ups, along with techniques in a stand-up position thanks to the 5 H.I.R.T.S. resistance bands that keep the dummy stable and standing.
SUPLES High Quality Vinyl
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The SUPLES ATTACKER is the most innovatively designed training dummy available. 

The Suples Dummy *Attacker –2  offers the ability to practice all three styles of WRESTLING in addition to other combat sports such as BOXING, KICKBOXING, JUDO, JIU-JITSU, and ALL OTHER MARTIAL ARTS.

“Even though we call this dummy the Suples Attacker, remember, the ATTACKER must always be YOU!"


Suples Dummy *Attacker –2 Features:

  • 5 strategically placed elastic anchor points that allow for angled attacks, resulting in multi-dimensional reactions from the ATTACKER 2.
  • Due to the bands on the dummy, the SUPLES ATTACKER - 2 has a quick “reset” to its original position after each pull, push, or snapdown technique, in order to make speed training more effective!
  • Can be used to develop and sharpen skills, throws, and techniques in all styles of wrestling, along with all other combat sports.
  • The SUPLES ATTACKER - 2 can be used with a gi for real Judo or Jiu-Jitsu applications such as IPPON SEOI NAGE, OSOTO GARI, TAI OTOSHI, and UCHI MATA!



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